Paradise Gardens 

Paradise Gardens (2022), is taken from Peter Watkins’s series of the same name. In this body of work (in progress), Watkins considers concepts of nature and artifice and our shifting mediated relationship with the natural world. This particular image is a result of traditional analogue black and white darkroom processes, rather than a seemingly digital distruption, in which Watkins combines the enlargement of a photographic negative with camera-less photogram techniques, merging representative imagery with pure formal abstraction. This technique further resonates with his ideas surrounding the interrelation of  the synthetic and the natural world.

Paradise Gardens was first shown during the One of a Kind exhibition at The Ravestijn Gallery in September 2022.

Paradise Gardens, 2022
Silver gelatin hand print on fibre based paper
28 x 35 cm (print) / 51 x 58 cm (framed)
Edition of 1 + 1AP

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